The Relationship Between Quality and Sustainability

You could say we’re a little obsessive about quality at Lazlo. From the raw cotton fibers to the final construction, we examine every step of the process to ensure that our clothing will stand up to heavy use and age beautifully. It's easy to see why: better quality = better product. However, the benefits of high quality go beyond the end product; a focus on quality helps to push the boundaries of sustainability. 

Every item of clothing produced comes at a cost to the environment. It takes water to grow the crops, fossil fuels to harvest and ship the fibers, and energy to spin, knit, dye and sew the garment before it is shipped to the consumer. Even when garments are made with the most environmentally friendly fabrics and energy sources, they still impact our planet. Truly sustainable production means also designing garments that will be as appealing in a decade as they are today—and then constructing those garments to last that long.

At Lazlo, we have established a bottom line that incorporates quality, ethics and sustainability. We aim to minimize hidden costs to the environment, human health, local economies and the quality of each garment. 

By slimming our wardrobes to a few select, high-quality items that allow us to feel good about what we’re wearing, we can also enjoy a simpler life with more meaning.

Christian Birky